About Us

I'm Joanne and I always had a passion for baking, but my life changed after I started Simply Cupcakes in my home in 2009. I was retired after 30 years as a Pediatric RN; I loved to bake but had little money to start a business and no business experience. My husband, Ken, and I started very small at the local farmer's market and the business grew. 

  Two years later, I opened my first store and eventually hired 7 bakers with me as Head Baker and Ken as Marketing /Customer Service Manager. That store also baked for two satellite stores while doing  2-3 cupcake weddings a week and we often baked over 1000 cupcakes daily. 

Three years in a row, TripAdvisor awarded us their Certificate of Excellence and rated us the #1   Naples, Florida restaurant with 5-star reviews. EVEN THOUGH WE ONLY SOLD CUPCAKES, WE WERE RATED THE #1 RESTAURANT BASED ON 150 REVIEWS!

  I committed to pass on what I had learned to others  who share the dream of owning their own cupcake/baking business. After 10 years, I sold my Naples store to devote all my time to training others to start their own baking business. In the past ten years, Simply Cupcakes has helped over 480 locations worldwide start their home baking business and some of them have opened cupcake retail stores. We've trained locations in the USA, Canada, Central America, Puerto Rico, Greece, The Philippines, and others.

  Starting a cupcake business is not hard when you have help and guidance. My husband, Ken, and I will be your mentors and be with you every step of the way. It will be your business and you can build it the way you want using the Simply Cupcakes name or one of your own. Most important is that you will never have to face the challenges alone! 

At Simply Cupcakes, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to pursue their passion for baking. Our mission is to provide comprehensive training and support to aspiring bakers, empowering them to start and grow successful home-baking businesses. With our experienced instructors, learning approach, and industry insights, we're here to guide you every step of the way.

Regardless if you end up with a gratifying part-time business that generates a few extra dollars or if you eventually open a brick-and-mortar store like we did, you and your family will be proud of your accomplishments. You can do it. We will help!