This is our Training Program. We suggest you start building your business by offering only cupcakes and as you gradually build your customer base if you wish, you will offer other baked goods of your choice. It's proven that cupcakes are the best (and most affordable) way for customers to try your baking, so it makes sense to use cupcakes to build the foundation of your business. You can use your own recipes or ours, (or both) and you can use your own business name or the Simply Cupcakes and More name . It's your business and we don't have restrictions (like a franchise). We make suggestions and offer advice based on our experience. This year the Baking Association announced that the two most profitable items in the industry are cupcakes and muffins, Why not start there? THAT'S OUR SUGGESTION, BUT YOU CAN BAKE AND SELL WHATEVER YOU LIKE.

What's Included

1. You use can the Simply Cupcakes and More name and we will provide you with a logo like ours or you can use a business name of your choice and provide your own logo.​

2. We will email you the same materials that we provide to people attending our in person Florida Training that explains every aspect of starting and managing an online baking business including:  





Calculating Your Costs,

Defining Your Market,

Where To Buy Ingredients & Supplies,

What Equipment You Will Need,

Getting Free Publicity

How To Comply With Legal Requirements including Cottage Laws. 


We will show you how to start your baking business from home regardless of which city or state you live in. This does not mean paying rent for a commercial kitchen. We will give you marketing suggestions and information about how to quote a cupcake wedding. We will suggest suppliers but you are free to find your own. 

3. FREE BONUS !  You will get support FOR A FULL YEAR from the people who started Simply Cupcakes and made it a success. Joanne, (founder and head baker) will answer your questions personally, give you suggestions and help you. We know the answers or solutions because of what we learned when we built our own cupcake business.


4. FREE BONUS: When you enroll in our program for $99, you will get 36 recipes of the most popular cupcakes developed by our bakers in our stores. A great collection of cupcakes recipes! The recipes clearly explain how to produce an excellent product including seasonal and holiday recipes. You are free to add your own recipes or other baked goods.

5. We will suggest ways for you to get a website at very little cost and give ideas of what to include in it. You should also take pictures while you are practicing the recipes. 

These materials are all you need to set up and open your cupcake business.